The scariest thing: I’ve gone fulltime freelance!

After 17 years at PVPictures/PVFiction and working on oodles of successful films and TV shows for them, the time has come to spread my wings, strike out on my own, and whatever other metaphor seems apt.


So, like I said, scary. But I have over 18 years of expertise now, working with some awesomely talented writers and directors to create some of the best kids’ films, romcoms, historical drama and sitcoms, adapting One Foot in the Grave and Yes Minister for Dutch telly, co-writing a nature documentary and so much more, that I feel like I can freelance like the best of them.


Now, I’m not just as a script editor, script consultant, script doctor or whatever you want to call it (I prefer Script Coach, myself). Over the years I’ve started to develop myself in other directions, training at The Script Factory, Raindance, the London Screenwriters’ Festival’s Talent Campus and more, so that I can develop my own scripts, as writer and/or director. My first short film got me a nomination for Best British Webseries, so I must be doing something right.


I absolutely love how all those disciplines feed into each other, so if you add me being bilingual (Dutch and English) into the mix, just call me a Swiss army knife of script development.


So if you need a script consultant for a Dutch or English, give me a shout.


If you need a writer with an expertise in kids’ entertainment, comedy and historical drama, give me a shout.


If you’re interested in one or more of the scripts I’ve written, give me a shout.


If you need a Dutch-English translator for a film/TV project, give me a shout.


If you have a project that would suit a budding director, give me a shout.


Simply put: I’m available and looking for new challenges and collaborations, so have a gander around the site and get in touch.


Onwards, upwards and let’s fly!