Script Feedback

For anyone looking for notes on their script, Guido’s great! The feedback he gave me on my latest script will be invaluable in taking it forward. So get on it, people! – David Poole

Sometimes, rather than full-on script editing, you just want a snapshot of what state your script is in. ScriptCoach feedback – available for both English and Dutch scripts –  is perfect for that. Noting both the strong and weaker points of the script or document, feedback is available in two options.


Quick notes no nonsense bullet points of approximately 2 A4 (depending on length of script).

In-depth Feedback – typically running up to 4-5 pages of notes (again depending on length of script), delving deeper into possible causes and solutions, addressing points of character, structure, theme, dialogue and more.


Notes don’t shy away from addressing the flaws in a script, so they can be tough, but they always come from a constructive angle to help you improve your writing and your script. A synopsis isn’t included, just feedback. Both options also come with a quick score of how I’d recommend these to a production company or script producer. Depending on workload, script length and complexity, the average turnaround time is about 7-14 days for quick notes, 10-21 days for in-depth notes. Get your quote here!


First 10-pages
Quick notes: £30
In-depth: £45
Shorts 5 to 20 pages
Quick notes: £30
In-depth: £45
TV Half Hour
Quick notes: £60
In-depth: £80
TV Hour
Quick notes: £80
In-depth: £100
Feature up to 110 pages
Quick notes: £100
In-depth: £130
(add £5 per additional page)
Format Documents up to 6 pages
Quick notes: £30
In-depth: £45
(add £5 per additional page)

All of it was so helpful and focusing – nothing like an outside eye to make you see what you’re not seeing! Really useful insights. – Vicky Howell