Script Development

For writers who want to kickstart their creative process, I’m offering a brand new script development service, aimed at working together with the writer to brainstorm ideas and then set them on their way to writing a first draft – and beyond. The programme has a modular approach, consisting of three phases:


Script Development – Phase 1: Creative Unlocking – £400

7 weekly hour-long (zoom) sessions, where we brainstorm ideas for your script, the characters and the story world, aimed at developing a 2-page treatment/outline of the script. As writer you’ll get homework assignments to push you to explore your story, with weekly feedback and further exploration in the zoom sessions. (Frequency can be adjusted to schedule.) I’ll also be available to help with quick questions in between sessions, to make sure you don’t get stuck. Additional sessions can be added if needed/wanted at £70 per session.


Script Development – Phase 2: From Treatment/Outline into Draft 1 – £1000

A 6 step process guiding the writer from outline into a first draft – via a zero draft. This includes 6 (zoom) feedback/brainstorm sessions, as well as extensive written notes on each step and/or draft of the process. These notes would go to the same level of detail as I would when working as a script editor for a production company or on a TV show. First four sessions are an hour, the final two dig into the drafts so will run 2 hours. Scheduling depends on how quickly the writer can turn the stages/drafts around, with more time between sessions as the amount of writing grows. Quicker zoom check-in sessions (up to half an hour) during the writing process are included as well.


Script Development – Phase 3: Fine-tuning the draft – £150 per draft

More bespoke depending on what the writer needs after the first draft. The base line is extensive notes on your draft like in Phase 2, as well as a (zoom) notes session. This can be repeated over multiple drafts, depending on the progress made. It’s aimed at getting the script Industry Ready – i.e. to send it out to agents, producers, competitions, etc. (No guarantees that your script will actually get picked up, just that it’s in the strongest place possible.)


Each of these phases can be booked separately and there is absolutely no obligation to run through all three. The above is focused on delivering a feature length script, but can of course be tailored for a TV series as well, be it half hour or hour. For whichever kind of project you want to kickstart, get in touch!