River City Monologue

Over lockdown (1.0) River City was on a filming break to figure out how to make the show in a Covid-safe environment. But to keep the show alive for its fans, we put out short monologues on social media, featuring our characters as they were dealing with their own lockdown …

Queers pilot a Top 50 script

Ever since directing the original 5-minute Queers pilot, I’ve been working on and off on redeveloping the concept and characters. Last December (yes, I’m really current on my updates, I know) one of the latest, full-length iterations of the pilot script found itself in the Top 50 Teleplays (30-minute category) for the Cinequest Screenwriting Competition. While it didn’t make it into the top 10, I’m still pretty chuffed and look forward to improve the script even further and bringing Queers to life.

If you haven’t yet checked that original pilot our, here’s a scene that didn’t make the cut…

Trailer: Wild

With some pride, I present the trailer for the Dutch narrative wildlife documentary Wild (Wild Heart of Holland). What started out as script editing evolved into co-writing both the feature and TV version of this amazingly beautiful project. Not only that, but I also directed the English voice-over for the feature film. Release: February 2018.

A second trailer for Mees Kees

Here’s a second trailer for the Mees Kees/Mr Twister series which I script edited. At the height of its first Dutch airing it managed to attract an amazing 50% share in the target audience. The series also aired on Germany’s ZDF and proved quite popular there, too.