Trailer: Wild

With some pride, I present the trailer for the Dutch narrative wildlife documentary Wild (Wild Heart of Holland). What started out as script editing evolved into co-writing both the feature and TV version of this amazingly beautiful project. Not only that, but I also directed the English voice-over for the feature film. Release: February 2018.

A second trailer for Mees Kees

Here’s a second trailer for the Mees Kees/Mr Twister series which I script edited. At the height of its first Dutch airing it managed to attract an amazing 50% share in the target audience. The series also aired on Germany’s ZDF and proved quite popular there, too.

Trailer: Alles voor Elkaar

Here’s the trailer for the Dutch romantic comedy Alles voor Elkaar, which I script edited. The international title is Quarterlife, but I kinda prefer the more literal translation All Together. Released: October 2017.