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Wednesday Writing Tip #03

We all like to think we’re geniuses. Natural talents to whom our art comes as natural as breathing. We also all know better. Deep down, anyway. Deep, deep down. Sure, sometimes inspiration strikes and the words just flow and flow, unbidden, unplanned, at annoyingly inconvenient moments. But it is rare …

Wednesday Writing Tip #02

It’s one of those writer axioms: you HAVE to write every day. It’s like brushing your teeth, or showering, or drinking tea. You HAVE to do it every day. Or else you’ll die! Okay, I made that last bit up. So, yeah, write every day. It’s good advice. The only …

Wednesday Writing Tip #01

Yeah, I admit it, I like puns. I’m a punny guy. Sometimes even funny. But pun or no, there is plenty of truth in this analogy. Like sailing across choppy waters, writing is often filled with ups and downs of various kinds. One thing almost sure to send even the …

Queers pilot a Top 50 script

Ever since directing the original 5-minute Queers pilot, I’ve been working on and off on redeveloping the concept and characters. Last December (yes, I’m really current on my updates, I know) one of the latest, full-length iterations of the pilot script found itself in the Top 50 Teleplays (30-minute category) for the Cinequest Screenwriting Competition. While it didn’t make it into the top 10, I’m still pretty chuffed and look forward to improve the script even further and bringing Queers to life.

If you haven’t yet checked that original pilot our, here’s a scene that didn’t make the cut…

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