Guido Lippe

Guido Lippe

Script Consultant & Writer
Script Development

After spending hours, days, months agonising over theme, character, plot and that one line of dialogue, keeping perspective can be difficult. That’s where a script consultant like me, with 17+ years of experience, can help. Check out the credits section to see the kinds of projects I’ve worked on to help writers like you write the best scripts they can.


I know and share your fears. Though much of my work has been as a script editor, I do have stories of my own to tell. And as with my script editing, I pride myself on being flexible across genres and media, with projects varying from sitcom, to romantic comedy, to horror and even an LGBT stage musical. So watch this space…

a handful of the many projects I’ve worked on

MasterSpy wins Gryphon!

The family spy feature I script-edited, Masterspy, has won the coveted Gryphon Award in the Elements 6+ section of the Giffoni Film Festival 2017. The Gryphon is one of the most prestigious awards for children’s films, often considered second only to Berlin’s Golden Bear. The film is also going to …

New Site – Yay!

Long, long, looooooooong overdue, I’ve finally taken the time to not just update, but rebuild my website from scratch. A bit flashier, a bit more entertaining and a much more comprehensive look at the projects I’ve worked on over the years. Pretty much all of them (bar a few of …

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